Welcome to the new version of the WordPress SIG website! We are changing things. We’re set up to help members of Big Blue and Cousins computer club in Victoria B.C. Canada, create and run their own websites.  We`re aiming to help !You! (a member of Big Blue and Cousins club) set up your individual website.  And we`ll first of all, make it as easy as possible.  Later, as the SIG progresses, we`ll help you make your website as effective and as attractive as possible! We, the incredibly cool members of the WordPress SIG, will help !You!.

And when you`re up and running, and have picked up some skills — please consider helping other club members or helping the SIG in some way. 🙂

Since 1990, when Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web, the Web has been growing rapidly.  In the last decade at least, the Web has just exploded.  Almost every significant organization must have a presence on the web, and many special individuals do too.  Years ago you had to hire a professional to do that.  Not any more.  It’s now time for the special individuals in Big Blue and Cousins to have their own websites along with those other special people. Probably that includes !You!

The WordPress SIG will help fellow members of Big Blue and Cousins create their personal websites quickly and easily.  And then we’ll help you make it even better. 🙂

Special Update

The WordPress SIG, started last year by John MacGregor and Martin Brooks, has morphed into two different subdivisions. They are:

1. WordPress.comSIG group,  which is the same as it was before, and has been since it started, and

2. the “PHP based CMS Website SIG” commonly known as CMS.SIG (CMS stands for Content Management System, and WordPress is in that category).  Both SIGs are still connected and open, so feel free to go to either of them, or both.  You’re welcome in both . The WordPress.comSIG is the unchanged old SIG you’ve been coming to, and will deal with how to create and improve your website (or websites) on the WordPress.com website. The major benefits of WordPress SIG are that your websites are set up for free, there’s a lot of help online, your websits are protected, and they can run for as long as you like for free as well. The downside is that there are certain special things that fancy websites might want, (like Google ads) that you can’t put on those sites.

The CMS.SIG group will use the same basic program (WordPress) but also other Content Management Systems, like Drupal, to create a website on a server that must be paid for monthly.  Once it’s running, you can add special elements that aren’t allowed in WordPress.com, like Google ads. If you’ve never set up a website before, or want to run one, or several, for nothing — then the hands-down best route is to try the WordPress SIG. Most websites will run on WordPress.com just fine. Then, if you want to do something special, or powerful, that WordPress.com has blocked, and you know a bit about creating websites, then the CMS.SIG is the place to go.  Both SIGs are open to club members, so you can attend both if you wish.