Here are some links for training websites and videos.

Training documents from

Short videos by LizardSEO

Short video by Bluehost on hosted sites


One thought on “Training

  1. Though I will miss the next meeting, I think half the SIG time should be left for people to work on their sites, to get help from others.

    Last SIG meeting, I heard some ask how to put a specific image in the header on a specific page.
    Here is the video about how to do that.

    Here are written instructions.
    First, make a copy of your image exactly the number of pixels high and wide as your header picture allows. (Accessories–>paint works for me.)
    Create or edit the page you want this image to appear on.
    At the top of the edit page, click on Screen Options and put a check in the Featured Image option.
    At the bottom right of the page, click Set featured image
    In the popup, click Select Files in the middle of the popup, and navigate in the file dialog to the picture you sized already.
    Scroll down, and give it a good title. Scroll to the bottom and click “Use as featured image”
    Save the page, and the featured image should appear in the header.

    The next item people asked about was how to show their photos.
    You can put up to 12 photos in a teaser on your wordpress site if you put your photos on ,
    Create a flickr account at and upload some pictures. Make a Set , and add the teaser photos to the Set.
    In your wordpress dashboard–>appearance–>widget drag the Flickr widget to the right to the primary widget area.
    Click the down triangle in with Flickr widget header, and fill in the values.
    The video at

    talks about widgets, and at about 5 minutes 10 seconds into the video, he shows how to configure the flickr widget.
    Not the greatest video, but the best I could find.

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