Transferring tables.doc to wordpress

You may have a text document containing a table that you would like to move to your wordpress site.
document table

Open the document in LibreOffice, and SaveAs HTML Document (Writer). Close LibreOffice

Now open the document in a text editor, such as Notepad++, and remove any Class=classname phrases (WordPress will not know about LibreOffice classes) and any width=xxx.

Select all the text, including the tags , between <table … and  … /table>.  Paste this into a new page in text mode.  Do not edit in visual mode, because wordpress will try to add new fixed column widths.

But, given the tiny page width that allows, is a table appropriate?  Perhaps it would be better to just paste the text,  in paragraph format.  Easier by far to edit in visual mode

George Bowden



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