The Big Blue and Cousins Computer Club Clubhouse in Victoria B.C. Canada,  is where the WordPress.ComSIG and CMS.SIG meet each once a month on Thursdays at in the afternoon.  WordPress.ComSIG meets on the first Thursdays each month at 2pm till 4 pm, and the CMS.SIG meets second and fourth Thursdays 1:30 til 4.  Come to both if you wish.

If you want to know more about the CMS.SIG, please contact Martin Brooks at

The address is:

  • 85A Burnside Road West,
  • Victoria BC
  • V9A 1B6
  • Canada

Click here for a map.

Phone Number of Clubhouse: 250-382-3934

Visit the Clubhouse at Clubhouse Hours

If you’re driving along Burnside Road from Douglas Street, keep going till you pass the lights at Harriet Road, with the 7-11 store & gas-station, Szechwan City, and am2pm store on the corners.  The next light is going to be Wascana Street, so it’s best to get in the left lane to turn left at Wascana.  At the Burnside/Wascana intersection, there’s traffic lights and a red sign ‘Art’s Bakery’ on the right at that intersection.  Turn left at the lights.
First time visiting the clubhouse, it’s easiest to park on the side of the road on Wascana Street.  Then walk back to Burnside Street West, and Big Blue and Cousins’ Clubhouse is on your right on the corner.  Pull on the first door, and if it’s open, walk in & introduce yourself. Second or third time, you can park next to the clubhouse door (look for blue-text signs saying where you can park, otherwise it’s illegal), but sometimes the spots are already taken.