WordPress.COMsig  and WordPress.ORGsig are Special Interest Groups in Big Blue and Cousins computer club.  The SIGs are closely related, both using the same core WordPress program.  The WordPress.COMsig is about helping members learn WordPress, and  set up and run their own websites for nothing with no monthly cost no matter how long they run it.  The WordPress.ORGsig uses the same basic program, WordPress, but can add extra elements and it must be run on a paid-for server.

Big Blue and Cousins is the nearly 30-year-old computer club in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  Canada is the country at the top of North America and home of some of the coolest dudes on the planet, (although we are usually way too modest to admit that).  But for this page, I forced myself to overcome my normal modesty 🙂 .

The Website for Big Blue and Cousins is at www.bbc.org. The Clubhouse — yes, we’re one of the few computer clubs in the world with a Clubhouse — is at

85A Burnside Road West
Victoria British Columbia
V9A 1E3

Which is at the corner of Burnside Road West and Wascana Street in Saanich http://goo.gl/maps/ibgx

The website for the WordPress SIG is restricted to cool, thoughtful, nice people.  But of course you know that because you’re here :).