There is a Drupal meeting in Victoria August 21st

I think it is august 21st.  Check meetup


Tentative Home Page Post

Please note that this entire web page at the moment is Tentative Only :(.  It’s something whipped together when I’m learning.  Later it will be improved quite at bit. I hope.  🙂

WordPress is incredibly powerful, and seems to be the best way of making webpages without going into HTML, CSS, PHP javascript and other programming purgatories.  Professionals use WordPress to churn out webpages they sell to others, because it does that easier and  faster and gives a way better return on time than the programming route.

When we get on top of it, we will be much more powerful in the world of computers.  One thing I’ve been dreaming of, is that maybe by Christmas, I can do webpages for my relatives.  Yeah — maybe!

The WordPress SIG will help fellow members of Big Blue and Cousins create their personal websites quickly and easily. And then we’ll help you make it even better. 🙂